About Early Access

Early Access to Hybrid Beasts can currently be purchased at a reduced price here on our webpage (see right column) or directly on Steam.

This will get you a Steam key for all future updates of the game (including the full version). Please check the current state of the game as listed below.

What's included and what's still missing?

  • Hybrid Beasts is fully playable and close to a feature complete final version
  • All 60+ levels as well as all weapons and items are accessible
  • Local (couch) multiplayer is fully included
  • Some minor sound effects are missing
  • Some endgames, random events and settings (in menus) are missing
  • Some advanced in-game features are still missing (Re-Betting etc.)

How we move forward?

Future updates will step-by-step decrease the list of missing features as we move towards a final release candidate. Expect frequent updates and unlocks. Please enable Steam game updates!

Have fun and thank you for your help!

Get Early Access

We currently offer Early Access to Hybrid Beasts at a 20% discount via Humble Store (see widget below) or directly on Steam. This gets you a Steam key granting you immediate and full access to the latest version and all future updates (including the full version) of the game.

Thank you for supporting the development!

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