About Hybrid Beasts (Beta)

Access to the Hybrid Beasts (Beta) can currently be purchased for a limited time at a reduced price (see right column).

Purchasing access to the beta will also buy you access to the full game once it is released and you get access to the developer forum on this website if you want to help with bug reports or ideas.

Before you buy, please check the current limitations of the beta listed below and our nice progress history.

What's still missing?

  • Only Arcade mode is playable, No story-driven adventure mode (World map), yet
  • Only 30 out of more than 60 levels are accessible
  • Level design is not always final (but mostly)
  • Only local (couch) multiplayer (No single player, No network-based multiplayer)
  • Some non-final graphics and missing sound effects
  • Not all weapons, items, endgame modes and settings (in menus) are available, yet
  • Many in-game features (also in Arcade mode) are still missing (Crowns, Gems, Betting etc.)
  • Steam-features like Steam-Achievements and Trading Cards are not yet available
  • No tutorial is included

How we move forward?

Future updates will step-by-step decrease this list of missing features as we move towards a release candidate. Expect frequent updates / unlocks. Please enable Steam auto updates!

Have fun and thank you for your help!

Join our Beta

We offer access to Hybrid Beasts (Beta) at 25% discount via Humble. This gets you a Steam key and full access to the beta and all later full versions of the game. You may also join the developer forum to directly help us shape Hybrid Beasts.

Social media

Of course we would love to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.


Last but not least, we offer a nice collection of Official Hybrid Beasts merchandise where all profits directly support the development of the game! Depending on you location visit our shops for USA & Canada or Europe / Germany.