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TOPIC: Change log

Change log 3 years 4 months ago #684

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Version log:

0.112.3 (2019 January 1th)
  • Added Crowns and Royalty feature to the game
  • Improvments to progress hints engine
  • Added many sound effects
  • New party statistics for destroyed terrain pixels, secret mushrooms and collected bottles
  • Various bug fixes
0.110.2 (2018 October 31th)
  • Support for high resolutions (like 3840x2160) and integer scaling (nearest neigbor interpolation) for best image quality
  • Improved level select map
  • Bug fixes
0.110.0 (2018 October 13th)
  • Introduction of Wizard Guide in Book of Secrets
  • Improved ingame progress and unlock hints during level introdcution
  • Bug fixes
0.109.0 (2018 September 27th)
  • Final introduction of Adventure mode and Book of Secrets
  • Massive amount of bug fixes and ingame improvements (accumulated over several months B) )
0.100.0 (2017 December 8th)
  • Fixed issue with global aiming when entering endgame
  • Much work on Adventure mode and Mystery engine (not yet unlocked in beta)
0.99.5 (2017 November 23th)
  • Fixed small issue with gold distribution in Arcade mode rewards
  • Added disabling of menu items in settings menu
0.99.4 (2017 November 20th)
  • Further work on Adventure mode (treasure trails visualisation, buried keys). Not unlocked, yet.
  • Updated to FNA 17.11+ (Nightly build) Many thanks to Ethan for the quick bug fix!
  • Added party gold and gems visualisation to various places in the game
  • Improved ingame map
  • Added new levels "Lost mountain" and "Underwater city". All levels are now finished.
  • Finished background music in "Lava region" region
  • Further major improvements to manual focus by mouse and keys ingame
  • Bug fixes (Memory management, File backups, Continue-stripes emitter)
0.98.0 (2017 October 30th)
  • Major work on Adventure mode (beast cages and treasure trails). Not unlocked, yet.
  • Updated to FNA 17.10
  • Added new levels "Ancient pass" and "Lost castle" in "Pine grove" region
  • Improved mouse UI
  • Small bug fixes
0.97.0 (2017 September 29th)
  • Much work was done in preparation of 'Adventure mode' (Not unlocked yet)
  • Added MysteryEngine and SecretsEngine
  • Finalized Adventure world map (Not unlocked yet)
  • Added new region "Pine grove"
  • Added new levels "Silver mountain", "Hidden plains", "Misty gate" and "Dark fir valley" in "Pine grove" region
  • Finished background music in "Frozen marsh" region
0.96.0 (2017 August 12th)
  • Unlocked weapons "Alienlaser" and "Box of Pandora"
  • Extensive amount of bug fixes accumulated since last update
  • Added levels "Deep crack", "Narrow fields" and "Forgotten trail" in "Lava fields" region
0.94.1 (2017 June 16th)
  • Added new menu item to enabled/disable confirmation of random beast deployment
  • Improved level introduction visuals
  • Added level "Pagoda" in "Lava fields" region
0.94.0 (2017 June 11th)
  • Extended menu arcade level select for continuation of tounaments
  • Improved lev/png/txc handling
  • Added menu transitions (darken & blur)
  • Added levels "Volcano", "Volcano ridge", "Deep caves" and "Burned forest" in "Lava fields" region
0.93.2 (2017 May 24th)
  • Added endgame stripes. Made emitter private in message-engine. Fixed display of unlocking
  • Worked on secrets and ribbon positions in level preview
  • Finalized portal sounds. Generalized unlocking (gold & sappires)
  • Added level "Lava pillars" and "Toxic labyrith" in "Lava fields" region
0.93.0 (2017 May 5th)
  • Unlocked item "Clock of Chronos"
  • Finalized improvement of initial game phase. Fixed fall damage error.
  • Improved tiled particles
  • Worked on edge-padding problem
  • Added visual element (stripes) on various occasions
  • Made some final adjustments to clock of chronos
  • Added level "Southern firelake" in "Lava fields" region
0.92.0 (2017 April 16th)
  • Unlocked item "Portal"
  • Fixed audio settings in menu
  • Improved music handling (better remove and unload). Fixed menu volume changes
  • Fixed transient sound fade-out and unloading in sync phase
0.91.3 (2017 April 4th)
  • Unlocked item "Meteor storm"
  • Added new sound statistics. Finally fixed FNA issue that Tchey reported.
  • Improved implementation of SoundEngine
  • Updated to FNA 17.3. Finished meteor storm (hemispheric lightning, sound, water hit).
0.91.1 (2017 March 26th)
  • Unlocked items "Grenade of Antioch" and "Sentry gun"
  • Fixed bad update/draw bug in FNA
  • Worked on meteor storm sounds and mechanics
  • Futher improved and finalized sentry gun
  • Improved zoom (code structure, UI/Non-UI zoom)
0.91.0 (2017 March 14th)
  • Fixed some minor sentry gun issues
  • Worked on secret mushroom
  • Added volcano emitter on world map. Fixed volcano mapshapes and added all mapshapes into game
  • Fixed drillzooka. Added a lot of mapshapes (whole winter world)
  • Fixed archer issue
0.90.2 (2017 February 21th)
  • Improved fire glow in desert
  • Fixed very specific projectile creation error
  • Improved selected beast team visualisation and introduced new bars (lifebar, fuelbar etc.)
0.90.0 (2017 February 11th)
  • Fixed issue with beast deployment confirmation
  • Improved beast drowning, iceball and fireball visuals
  • Adventure mapis now 1440p
  • Added several further visual improvements (water bubbles, level effectors etc.)
0.89.7 (2017 January 28th)
  • Fixed background scrolling when zoom is >1
  • Adventure map improvements (HLSL)
  • Minor bug fixes (Non-exploding mushrooms, dim color list)
  • Unlocked first level of "Lava fields" region called "Northern firelake"
  • New background rendering engine (Consumes much less memory and is faster)
  • Tracked particles introduced for advanced debugging
  • Work on Adventure mode continued but it is still not yet unlocked
  • Unlocked new levels "Ice tower" and "Hidden ascent". Winter region is now complete :-)
  • Big improvement of resolution independent user interface scaling
  • Added a setting for general scale of the user interface to Video settings. "Small" setting is suited for large screens.
  • Resolutions larger than 1920*1080 are now supported
  • Significant technical improvement of tiling engine leading to much lower memory requirements
  • Fixed a particle association error that led to rare but quite strange errors
  • Much work was done for Adventure mode which is not yet available but is getting close...
  • Unlocked item "Lava wall"
  • Unlocked new level "Cold mire"
  • Added a new setting in menu controlling how descritive lava wall is
  • Improved save/backup handling
  • Improved low-priority battlefield processor (e.g. Lava wall visuals)
  • Improved aiming of Dynamite. It now shows exactly where the dynamite pack will be created.
  • Unlocks level "Ice grotto"
  • Teams can now bet uneqal amounts of gold
  • In-game handling of lost focus and lost controller (auto-pause with custom messages)
  • Controls info for level select menu
  • New menu for first party creation (Shows up when game is started without any parties)
  • Unlocks level "Ancient caves"
  • Teams can now be added and remove at any time (even after party has been played)
  • Menu control and usability improvements to Settings and Party Edit menus
  • Bug fixes
  • Update to most recent version of FNA (16.11)
  • Improvement of handling of sound effect instances
  • Small bug fixes
  • Battlefield borders can now be disabled. Kick your enemies out!
  • New video option: Adaptive sharpening
  • Further improved menus: Control info texts and improved controller icons
  • Better handling of lost controller connections (e.g. in case the controller battery died)
  • Bug fixes
  • Complete reimplementation of settings menu (now with mouse controls)
  • Major improvements in memory managment (especially for low memory machines)
  • Improved gamepad usage in menus
  • Fixed issue with feet animation when standing on very pointy landscapes
  • A number of small bug fixes
  • New fall and collision damage (controllable in settings menu)
  • Bug fixes
  • Unlocked Winter world level "Lonely tree"
  • Added new options for endgame beast effects (4 choices) and acid rise speed in acid flood endgames
  • Reimplemented terrain surface detection (much faster and error resilient)
  • Near-beast object placement (mushrooms, dynamite, pot of leeching etc.) drastically improved (it's much easier to drop things now)
  • Round time fixed in certain scenatios
  • Fixed "black fire" and "rumble-and-tumble" issues as seen in ZincAwesome Youtube gamplay videos
  • Improvements in memory management
  • Unlocked four new levels
  • Unlocked new item "Pet cemetery"
  • Performance improvments in preparation of online-multiplayer
  • Bugfixes
  • Unlocked Winter world region and new levels "Floating rocks" and "Underground river".
  • Unlocked item "Teddy bear"
  • Fixed graphical glitch with level terrain shading
  • Fixed numerous smaller bugs
  • Unlocked weapons "Earthquake" and "Baseball bat"
  • Unlocked new level "Rift passage" in "Skull desert" region
  • Support for macOS operating system (still a bit experimental, but it should work properly)
  • Unlocked item "Beast Select"
  • Unlocked new level "Hanging Bridge" in "Skull desert" region
  • Fixed a bug where beasts wearing propellor hat could get stuck in terrain
  • Unlocked weapon "Mini Nuke" and items "Pot of Leaching" and "Object teleport"
  • Unlocked new level "Sand pyramid" in "Skull desert" region
  • Visual improvements in all unlocked levels and level previews (improved side and ceiling shaders)
  • New "Next to unlock" message during level loading
  • Fixed "Available from round ..." feature of items and other minor bugs
  • Improved mouse controls in team menu (Finished, Everything is now responsive to mouse interaction)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved mouse controls in team menu (Selection at bottom of screen can now be used with mouse)
  • Improved mouse controls in settings menu (Controls can now be selected by mouse over, left-click allows to re-bind controls
  • Bug fixes
  • Drastic improvement of file managment (Flexible savegame format, Automatic backups, Faster loading) Sorry, all your savegames are lost.
  • Steam cloud saving enabled for Linux
  • Unlocked new levels "Lair of the Koala" and "Gold mountain" in "Skull desert" region
  • Preparations for coming unlock of secrets and mysteries
  • Unlock messages for new items, weapons. levels, etc.
  • Update to FNA 16.07 (Please report any audio issues!)
  • Unlocked weapon "Glue cannon"and item "Magic Goggles"
  • Reimplementation of improved focus and scrolling engine
  • Several minor bug fixes
  • Steam features like leaderboards, user statistics and achievements (Community page is not yet online, though)
  • Minor bug fixes (Gamma gun, Preliminary focus fix, etc.)
  • Visual improvements in all unlocked levels (better element integration shaders)
  • Unlocked new level "Palm oasis" in "Skull desert" region
  • Mouse controls in settings menu
  • Improved mouse controls in-game (see forum for details)
  • Better default controls
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Support for Linux operating systems (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
  • Unlocked new weapons "Iceball" and "Super drillbomb"
  • Improved ice/snow mechanics (Iceball and Snowtornado now distinguish fire and freeze water)
  • Technical improvements of pixel destruction
  • Fixed (hopefully) Phoenix feather bug reported by Tchey
  • Unlocked new weapon "Snow tornado"
  • Unlocked new level "Crystal beach" in "Skull desert" region
  • Improved mouse controls (In-game zooming by mouse-wheel, In-game item-select menu, etc.
  • Technical improvements of gameplay (e.g. shield reactions when firing up-close)
  • Various bug fixes (mostly very rare bugs)
  • Unlocked items "Invisibility flask" and "Repulse shield" and building "Rock cave"
  • Unlocked new level "Sand labyrinth" in "Skull desert" region
  • Improved level presentation (scrolling)
  • Added improved mouse controls to results screens and settings menu (partly)
  • Zombie beast limitations fully ready
  • Included in-game error messages (e.g. for teleporter)
  • FNA version updated to 0.78.20
  • Unlocked weapon "Poison cannon", item "Dark shield" and building "Rock tower"
  • Unlocked new levels "Field of thorns" and "Deadly dunes" in new "Skull desert" region
  • Many new sound effects and general sound improvements
  • Internal improvments to game engine of Hybrid Beasts (performance and graphics)
  • Unlocked weapons "Flying fish" and "M.I.R.V."
  • Added mouse controls for team and party edit menus (more coming soon)
  • Unlocked weapon "Voodoo doll"
  • Experimental mouse controls for main menu, arcade menu and level select menu (more coming soon)
  • Numerous small performance improvements
  • Unlocked weapons "Drill Strike" and "Drill Rocket"
  • Fixed issue when firing gammagun against shields
  • Fixed jumping / jetpack issue that could have caused errors in rare cases
  • Adjusted default menu controls
  • Improved sound effects for several items
  • Unlocked weapon "Gamma gun" and item "Superjump potion"
  • Added menu setting for "Time from poison to zombie"
  • Unlocked weapons "Fireball" and "Dragon Feather"
  • Unlocked items "Tank Shield" and "Scales of Equality"
  • Multiple smaller improvements
  • Unlocked items "Horizontal drill" and "Vertical drill"
  • Beast can now break small terrain fragments (Can be disabled in menu)
  • Unlocked new level "Eden playground" (for beta testing only)
  • Pause mode is now entered and exited by [ESC] (keyboard default). Exit to menu is done by [F5]
  • Multiple smaller fixes
  • Unlocked item "Strangest tree"
  • Probably fixed a (relatively rare) crash when entering Pause-mode
  • Acid flood endgame now correctly rises acid level
  • Updated beta introduction screen
  • Improved new user guidance (locked menu items are new initially disabled)
  • Multiple smaller fixes
  • Unlocked weapon "Poison bomb"
  • Fixed controller D-Pad issue
  • Replaced sound dll for FNA version (trying to fix 5.1. sound issue)
  • Unlocked weapon "Dynamite" and item "Surrender"
  • Improved controller (thumbstick) handling
  • Unlocked items "Teleport" and "End turn"
  • Small fixes (Include FNA build)
  • Unlocked items "Thin shield" and "Plank set"
  • Much improved menu UI (input repeat) and text input in menus
  • Measurement of in-game fps for beta statistics
  • Internal improvements (lev rebuilding)
  • Unlocked items "Plank" and "Rock igloo" (building tools)
  • Fixed issue with pause menu (showing "A" instead of "F5" when using controllers)
  • Fixed occasional graphical glitch in main menu when entered from pause menu
  • Unlocked weapon "Airstrike" and item "Propeller hat"
  • Added automatic keyboard/controller rebinding
  • Fixed issue where jetpack did not work with controllers
  • Added more resolutions to settings menu (are you missing one?)
  • Unlocked weapon "Drillbomb" and item "Scuba gear"
  • Improved settings menu (options change speed, this will be further improved)
  • Resolution and fullscreen options added to Settings -> Video (experimental, manual game restart still needed)
  • Added special debug output to investigate startup problem of user "Aynat"
  • Magnetic mushroom name in item menu fixed
  • Other small fixes
  • Unlocked item "Jetpack"
  • Creating or changing party in menu now automatically triggers keyboard/controller re-binding menu for all teams
    (just after exiting party menu)
  • "Enter" key can now be used to select menu items (only works in parties created with version 0.78.4)
  • New (experimental) maximal display resolution is 2560 * 1440
    (higher resolution are prevented, note that game is currently only tested until 1920 * 1080)
  • Likely fixed occasional resume after pause crash (reported by Bumnumber1 and others)
  • Enabled Steam cloud saving
  • Initial build of beta round 2
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Change log 2 years 11 months ago #706

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New build 0.99.4 was added. Sorry, we forgot to update here after Steam updates 0.98.0 and 0.99.0-3.
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Change log 2 years 10 months ago #710

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New build 0.99.5 was added.
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Change log 2 years 10 months ago #711

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New build version 0.100.0 was added. Have fun!
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Change log 2 years 6 days ago #723

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New build version 0.110.0 was added. Have fun!
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Change log 1 year 11 months ago #725

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New build version 0.110.2 was added. Have fun!
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Change log 1 year 9 months ago #726

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New build version 0.112.3 was added. Have fun!
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